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The Long Creek Watershed Management Plan (July 2009) is a locally supported plan that was developed through a two-year stakeholder process that involved South Portland, Portland, Westbrook, Scarborough, Cumberland County Soil and Water Conservation District, DEP, EPA, Conservation Law Foundation, local nonprofits and small and large businesses. 

The goal now is to implement this first in the nation effort to address stormwater impacts through a collaborative structure with public entities and private businesses.  Plan implementation will include restoration of stream banks and stream channels and installation of structural retrofits in priority locations selected for environmental and cost effectiveness.

Causes of water quality & habitat impairment
Water quality problems can be linked to a range of land use activities, including activities associated with development.  Generally, impairment is linked to the amount of "impervious surface" -- pavement and roof-tops -- in the watershed.   When it rains, oil, grease, and silt are washed off impervious surfaces into streams.  Instead of seeping through the ground, water runs off rapidly, leading to high volume during storms, and low volume later. Temperature is raised where streams are not shaded, and where run-off is warmer than it would be if it seeped through unpaved ground. 

What's New

November Governing Board Meeting
The November Governing Board Meeting will be held on November 13, 2015 at 3:00 p.m. at the Scarborough Town Office.

Long Creek General Permit Reissued
Maine DEP has reissued the General Permit - Post Construction of Stormwater in the Long Creek Watershed. This five year permit will be in effect on July 1, 2015. Participating Landowners will need to submit a Notice of Intent to participate in this permit, by June 30, 2015. Maine DEP should be mailing a form to you, and the form will be posted to the website when the updated form is ready.

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